Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Hate Naps!

I really hate naps. Especially long ones. I was tired after work, so I went to lay down, thinking I'd just rest my body and eyes for a bit, then next thing I knew, Jeff came home from work, but I went right back to sleep and woke up a while later, giving myself maybe almost 2 hours of sleep. Now it's late and past my bed time and I'm not tired. That's why I hate naps. At least tomorrow is Friday.

I've been in my Project Manager position for 2 months now. It is stressful at times, but very rewarding, not only with higher pay than my previous position of team leader, but also the experience I'm getting. I produced a sales sample for a library a couple weeks ago and found out yesterday that the library will be signing soon, so that was exciting to find out. :) Still a LOT to learn about this position, though!

Hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep soon ....