Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're on the Titanic!

I was looking through our cruise photos below and thought, "Wait, I think I'm missing one. Where's the one with the Titanic background?" So I counted them and yep, sure enough, I was missing one. So yeah, it looks like we're on the Titanic, but it was just a background. :-)

Unfortunately, this is definitely the last cruise post. I want so much to go on another cruise! But gotta save the money!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Third Anniversary!

Today is our 3-year anniversary. Where does the time go? It's been a good 3 years, though, and many more good years to come! We went to eat at Outback Steakhouse today. It was good.

Yesterday, our new dishwasher was delivered. The one that came with the condo gave up the ghost a couple months ago (a few days before our cruise, I think). We bought a Maytag at the Maytag Store. Hopefully it'll last us a while.

When we were in California before going on our cruise, we saw an infomercial on TV in our hotel room of Turbo Jam (exercise videos). I really wanted it but was worried about getting it, especially when I went to an infomercial scams website and read a few negative comments. But there were more positive than negative, so I finally broke down and called the number to order. It was shipped to us really fast. And I've been using it every day. Most days, Jeff and I use the Fat Blaster video (what a workout!!). A couple times, I've used the 3T Totally Tubular video (more muscle building and using weights or a stretchy rope like what they sent us for free if we bought the videos). There are other cardio party mix workout videos that we have yet to try, but for now, we're using the 2 I mentioned. I think those videos make working out kinda fun. :-) And I feel good afterwards, which is most important.

Anyway, this isn't really an exciting post (compared to the cruise posts I did), but just wanted to post about a couple things so nobody would think we dropped off the face of the earth!