Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to School for Me

Yes, I am up way later than I should be. I'm not that tired right now, but I'm gonna be tired tomorrow! I've just been thinking about all that has happened recently. First of all, I decided to go back to school in Accounting. I applied at Utah Valley University for January 2010 and got accepted. Most of me is excited for it, but I'm a little nervous 'cause I haven't been to school in over 10 years! Better late than never, I guess! At first, I was going to stay being team leader at my work throughout school, but it's been recently getting more stressful for me, so instead of having that stress while going to school, I decided to step down to being data technician again. And since it's getting more stressful for me, my last day to be team leader will be the 23rd of this month. My job has been posted for someone else to apply for, and they want me to train the new team leader (at the same pay) for a few weeks or a month. I am over a team doing cataloging, so it's different than what other teams are doing (although another team has started learning and doing it, too, with some of my help). I feel good about this decision and I feel good about going back to school. It should be interesting with both Jeff and I going to school and working full-time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Hilarious Cat Video

This is SOOOOO funny!!!

We talk to our cat like that and the way she acts and looks at us sometimes, it seems she's saying the same kinds of things as this cat. Hahaha!