Saturday, February 14, 2009

Professional Cruise Photos (Formal)

We had so much fun getting pictures taken on the cruise! It's where we spent the most money, buying the pictures. But I think it was worth every penny, and the pictures will help us remember the fun times we had that week.





These next 2 weren't my favorite, but got them because of the backgrounds. But all of them after that turned out pretty well, I think.

In the picture above, even though Jeff's head got really sunburnt earlier that day (in Cabo), I wanted it because my complexion looked so good! Haha! Why can't my complexion look that good all the time??? Anyway, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite is! :-) I'll be the first to leave a comment ....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Professional Cruise Photos (Casual - On Ship)

We didn't get very many casual pictures of us on ship. We had mostly formal pictures taken of us, and we have quite a few of those. These ones we got, we had our picture taken with a bright green background and they put the background in afterwards.

I will post all our formal ones tomorrow.

Oh, and today is my half birthday... happy half birthday to me! :-)

Professional Cruise Photos (Casual - Off Ship)

These are photos that were taken of us not on the ship. Even though they're not the greatest pictures of me, we got them for different reasons.

Right before we got on the ship (and the date).

We liked these because of the parrot. This was after we got off the ship in Puerto Vallarta.

We liked the border of this photo (and the date). :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Towel Animals

It was so much fun coming back to our room after dinner and finding our bed turned down with a towel animal on our bed, like this ...

There were towel animals every night except the first and last nights on the ship. Here are each of the towel animals, and you can guess what they are (some are obvious, some not so obvious). :-)

Okay, here I am kissing the frog to see if he will turn into a handsome prince ...

And voila!! I get a handsome prince AND the cute towel frog stuck around, too! :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Cruise Food (+ Family and Our Awesome Waiters!)

I won't bore you with all the food I took a picture of (yes, I was camera-crazy!), so I'll just post a few (along with a picture of Jeff's family and our most awesomest waiters!). But if you want to see more pictures than what I'm posting here, go check my Facebook profile and I'll get them posted sometime soon.

Here is a picture of the family...


Yummy French Toast!

Jeff's omellette breakfast

All the cold cereal you could eat (there were other kinds besides this one)

... and all the pastries and fruit you could eat


I didn't really take a pictures of lunch food. I only ate lunch on the ship about half the time because of our ports (but Jeff usually went to get a little something to eat when we got back to the ship in the later afternoons, a couple hours before dinner). There were different things to eat for lunch, though... anything from Chinese food, to chicken and pasta dishes, to salads, to hamburgers and hotdogs and chicken strips and french fries. Jeff had the hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken strips, and french fries most of the time. There might have been other kinds of lunch food, too, but I don't remember.


On the ship, we could have as much ice cream as we wanted (although I didn't have it as much as I thought because I was too full from other meals). We could get ice cream in cones or bowls and in the afternoon, there was a couple hours you could get sundaes. Even a crew member made a swan out of a scoop of ice cream (during lunch). Here are some ice cream pictures ...

Getting an ice cream cone ...

Getting the ice cream ...

Ice cream sundae

Worker making an ice cream swan

My ice cream swan

Dinner was my favorite meal of the day. We ate in their fancy restaurant called the Normandie Dining Hall. Here are a couple pictures of it ...

Our first evening at dinner, I was weird and I took a picture of our table # and the butter (I just thought the butter looked cool!) :-)

When we got to our table each evening, our napkins were folded differently

We could order as many starters as we wanted and as many main courses we wanted (mostly, I just ordered 2 or 3 starters to try them, and 1 main course). Here are a few of the starters ...

I got this one almost every night (except one night, I think). I loved their good fruit!

A few nights, they had these chilled fruity soups. This one is cherry and I also tried peach and something else (mango, I'm guessing?).

Sometimes, there would be a main course that would be available as a starter (a smaller version of the main dish) and I tried this yummy pasta/chicken/mushrooms dish.

This was a favorite starter amongst the family (kinda blurry, but you can probably tell that it's shrimp).

An interesting laid out starter that Jeff got once.

Yes, I tried snail!... not bad!

And for some of the main courses, we had ...




... and yes, I even tried duck! That wasn't half bad, either!

And for some of the yummy desserts we had ...

I just had ice cream a couple nights

Other nights, we had ...

This banana cake (Jeff got a couple sugar free desserts that he liked, since he has to watch his sugar intake)

This thing called Baked Alaska

This yummy bread pudding

This yummy sponge cake

And Chocolate Melting Cake (another favorite amongst a couple family members)

As for our waiters, they were SOOOOOO good and very nice! Rando (from the Philippines) and Burasakorn (from Thailand) were our waiters. Burasakorn wanted us to call her Tata since her name was long and hard to pronounce. They were so awesome! I miss them!

The other guy in the picture below was Andy (or Andi? Not sure how it was spelled). He was from Indonesia, I think, and he was the 'drink guy' (he went around to all the tables and if someone wanted some soda pop or other drinks, he got it for them).