Friday, April 17, 2009

Hmmm, What to Blog About?

... That is the question. Not much has been happening lately. Just good old work, work, work. And there's a bug going around that I caught. My sister Rebecca was sick last weekend, as well as a couple other people at work. It started in my throat (like all my colds do), but mostly has been a sinus cold with my ears plugging up. And today, my muscles have been achy. And I was extremely tired. So I took a couple hour nap early this afternoon after work. I just need more sleep. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Turbo Jammin'

I love this workout video! It gives me a really good workout and it makes my calf muscles hurt in my legs and it gets me all nice and sweaty! I love it even more than running on the treadmill. After we got Turbo Jam, I was doing it every day (except Sunday) for a couple weeks, but then I caught a little cold, but now I'm all better and have been getting back into exercising this week. It feels so good to exercise! One of these days, I will have a body like most of those on the video.

I wish we could go on another cruise so I could make some more blog posts about that. But when all we do is work and we don't do a whole lot, it makes for not very many blog posts. Oh well!