Thursday, March 27, 2008

Call me old school, but I'm a big fan of The Carpenters

Below are 2 of my favorite videos of The Carpenters from YouTube. They've been one of my favorite groups for as long as I can remember, probably because my parents had their music and I grew up listening to them. My parents have at least 15 or 20 of their CD's and I know almost all of their songs. It's sad what happened to Karen, but their music will be enjoyed by many!

The Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun

I really like this song. Jeff and I had it put on our wedding video that my brother, Jeffrey, put together for us.

The Carpenters - And When He Smiles

I never heard this song until I saw this video on YouTube. I really like it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jeff's new job

I don't think I'll ever get Jeff to post something on here, but I did have him type a paragraph about his job in the family newsletter. My dad's side of the family has a monthly family newsletter. So I'll just copy and paste what he typed ....

"Vicki asked me to write a quick note about my new job. So far I love it! I was at Dentrix for about 4 and a half years and although it has been a good job it has also been a very stressful one. My new job is with a company called WingateWeb. Basically they make a software program that organizes large scale conferences and training seminars for other companies. By large scale I mean our largest conference right now they are expecting around 26000 attendees. We have another with Nortel. Other companies as well use their services. My job is phone support. I help make sure people are registered correctly and point them in the right direction if they have to talk to other departments. I also answer emails and faxes as part of my job. It is a lot lower stress and better pay than my old job and it also has great benefits and hours. So far I've had some compliments from co-workers and a manager on how well I'm doing so far. It is by far a better work environment and a much better job, I'm really happy with it."

There you go... that's what he does! I'm so glad he found a better job than Dentrix. Dentrix stressed him out at times and I don't like to see him stress.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2-year Anniversary

Today is our 2-year anniversary since we were married. In some ways, it seems like a while; other ways, it seems like just yesterday. I sure do love my honey (that's what I call Jeff). Here are some pictures from that day ....


I posted this photo on here last month, but wanted to post it again because this is one of my favorites. One of the few that I look good in! Jeff looks good, too. :-)

If you've ever seen the movie Princess Diaries, here is a foot poppin' kiss. :-)

I'm goofy sometimes, and to Jeff, I'm famous for my 'nose crinkle' ... here's a good one with my 'nose crinkle' ....

These next 2 are of my family and his family ....


After all the picture taking at the temple (we have tons more pictures than what I posted above, but I just chose a few of the best), we had a luncheon.

Here's the food that was served... Hawaiian Haystacks... yummy!

The 'center-of-attention' table (what I like to call it) with Jeff's parents and my parents. The other tables in this picture are empty because everyone else was getting their food. We were first to get our food.


Our reception colors were maroon, dark green, and white. We had a lady that sets up and takes down decorations at receptions do it for us and she did an awesome job!

The next 2 is where the line went through ....

These are the decorations without people ....

And with people!

This was our cake ....

And the cool-looking fountain underneath the cake!

And one more picture with just me and my honey... 2 years ago today ....