Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Nuts!!!

At first, we weren't going to do the shopping thing the morning after Thanksgiving. But then we went online last night and found a few things we wanted at Wal-Mart. The suitcase I use when we go places is a bit beat up and one of the zippers is broken (the thing you grab to pull on the zipper broke off). So we found a 6-piece luggage set for $44.

A little while back, we were at Wal-Mart and Jeff was saying he wanted a Monopoly game, so when we saw it online, I wrote it down on our 'shopping list' and got it for only $10. Not bad! It's a classic!

When I saw this thing I have pictured below, I knew I wanted it. It's a 10.3 MP digital camera for $79. We were using a 5.0 MP camera (what I used to take these pictures). I just remember a lot of pictures we took when we went camping this past summer were a little blurry. So hopefully this new one will be better, especially for when we go on our cruise in January. :-) We also got some cheap memory cards and a case to go with it.

Jeff also wanted a Blu-Ray Player for $128. I was thinking about it, but I know Blu-Ray discs are more money than DVD's. When we finally found where they were (after getting our camera), they were out of them by the time we got to them. That's OK, though... we're content with our DVD's and DVD player. And maybe one of these years, we'll get one. So that was our shopping trip this morning. We got up a little after 3:30 and got to Wal-Mart a little after 4:30 and it was packed! Yes, we're nuts!!!

Anyway, Thanksgiving was good yesterday. We're enjoying our 4-day weekend and dinner was good with my family, although I ate a bit too much... but the food was good! I'm grateful for this time of year and with Christmas coming up... exciting times! :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing Exciting

Wow, I haven't posted anything in almost 3 weeks! I wonder if that's a new record.... We really haven't had much of anything exciting happen lately. Unless you wanna hear about the cold I started to catch a week ago. I started losing my voice on Saturday, I think. Yesterday morning, I could hardly talk at all, so I had to whisper. I'm a little better today, but it's still sometimes hard to talk. It's hard not being able to talk. Hopefully my voice comes back all the way soon.

I'm excited for this week. At my work, they're not making us work Friday since they're replacing the server (I think?). Even though I won't get paid for that day, I don't care. I'm just excited for the little break from work. So today seems like Wednesday, tomorrow will seem like Thursday, and Wednesday will seem like Friday. :-) And Thursday, we're having Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It'll be yummy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I love this time of year... looking forward to Thanksgiving AND Christmas. And the day after Halloween, two of my favorite radio stations started playing non-stop Christmas music. I have a few of my favorite Christmas songs at the top of the right column. When Jeff and I were first married, he didn't like to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving... but I think I've softened him up a little 'cause now he wants to listen to it. :-) Except for the cold and the snow (I HATE driving in it, but it's pretty), this is a fun time of the year! So I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!