Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our New "Toys"

Everyone needs to get a "toy" or two every once in a while, right? See previous post of how my parents helped buy a "toy" for Ryan & Rebecca and John & Melissa. We decided to go to RC Willey's and the salesman was really good and told us all about their TV's and what the difference between LCD and plasma was. We decided on a 54-inch flat-screen plasma TV. And the salesman was so good, we even bought a stand to put it on (we needed one anyway) and a Blu-Ray player (which even plays DVD's in better quality). Those three things are all shown in the 2nd and 3rd pictures below. The 2nd picture I took last night. The 3rd picture I took today. Yes, we need to clean the mess from moving TV's and furniture around. This 1st picture is after we moved the entertainment center we had in the living room (and now it's in our bedroom). So that's where over half of kitty's balls went! :-) The balls somehow got behind the entertainment center and underneath it in the back (there's no way they could get underneath on the sides or front). We thought it was funny, so we took a picture of it. And don't worry, we picked up and vacuumed all the dead leaves from a dead plant we had. :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Off

It's spring break at Utah Valley University (since Wednesday), so I decided to work four 10-hour days and have today off. Monday and Tuesday were very long, going into work earlier than usual and then a class in the evening. Wednesday and Thursday were long days at work, but at least I didn't have class (I don't have class on Thursdays anyway). It was a long 4 days, but now I have today off. It felt nice to sleep in. I want to get some of my homework done today, but I'm a little slow getting it started. I hate writing papers (even one-page letters for my Business Communications class). I'm hoping to get some homework done today so I have less to do tomorrow.

We're going to the temple this evening with Ryan & Rebecca. Tomorrow we're hoping to go shopping with my parents for a really nice big flat-screen TV. They decided to buy a really nice present for all their kids. They bought Ryan & Rebecca a Clavinova (I think that's what it's called?... a keyboard-piano thing). Ryan & Rebecca spent some out of their own pocket since it was more than what my parents helped them with. John & Melissa got a little camcorder. We've decided to get a big TV and possibly spend more than what my parents are helping with so we can get a bigger and nicer one. We'll see how much more we spend. I hate spending money but it's sometimes nice getting "toys". :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Me? A Math Whiz?

Well... maybe for the first half of Elementary Algebra. I had a mid-term test yesterday and I feel I did really well on it (maybe even aced it... one can only hope!). We've had 4 regular tests in the class so far and I've had the highest grade on all of them so far. My test scores have been 96, 100, 99, and 100. The teacher takes the 3rd highest test score and makes that 100% (so for the first test, I got a 96 out of 93, I think). My grade so far in the math class (not counting the mid-term) is 104.2%. :-D We'll see how I do in math in the last half of the semester. In high school and college over 10 years ago, math was never my best subject.

I just got a grade update in my Business Communications class this evening. We've done about half the total assignments, and so far my grade is 100.35% in that class. I was very pleasantly surprised by that because some of the assignments are quite difficult and I haven't gotten perfect scores on most assignments. But she has done a few little extra credit things which is why my grade is so high. Since I started this class, I told myself I'd be happy with at least a B. I'll still be happy with that because the harder stuff is yet to come, especially an 8-page research paper I have to write (ugh!).

And just so I don't leave my other class out, I'm making 100% in my lecture series class. Half the grade is based on attendance and the mid-term journal we had to turn in almost 2 weeks ago, I got full credit on (the teacher said she didn't have time to read 60 papers, so she just looked to see that we did it and that we didn't use bullets since she told us not to).

So... wow! I have at least 100% in all my classes so far, but I don't expect them all to stay that high as the rest of the semester will be harder in Math and Business Communications.