Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stars on Ice - May 26 in Salt Lake City, UT

Jeff and I went to the Smucker's Stars on Ice last night. I got the tickets a couple months ago and decided to click on best available for seating and get the most expensive tickets. We were on the floor in the front row! I was excited about that! Okay, let's get this picture out of the way, but here I am before it started ....

See the folded up chairs along the right side of the picture? We were in these seats, like 5 feet away from the ice!

A couple more pictures of the ice before the show started ....

I tried taking pictures (with no flash, of course) of some of the skaters. I tried taking a picture of one of the pairs skaters and another of another skater, but they both ended up really blurry, so I decided, "Ah forget it, I just want to enjoy the show rather than trying to get good pictures."

Jeff and I also went to a Stars on Ice in Salt Lake I'm guessing about 4 years ago. One of my favorites there was Michelle Kwan, but she's not in Stars on Ice anymore. We got tickets this year because we wanted to see our favorite skater, Evan Lysacek, who won Olympic gold earlier this year. Yesterday morning I checked online and he wasn't going to be at the Salt Lake City stop. Jeff and I were very disappointed, but I tried to keep my chin up and kept saying that we'll still have fun because there were other good skaters that were going to be there. And we did have fun! Even Jeff, who's not as big into figure skating as I am, had a lot of fun and thought it was really cool and awesome that we were so close! :-) We bought a couple autographed photos they were selling (along with a program and a T-shirt). So instead of pictures I could have taken, I have these, and I scanned them and they're posted below. The first one is of the whole cast. I was able to see them all except Evan Lysacek in person, although he was in Stars on Ice 4 years ago, but we didn't know him as well. Several of these skaters were in the Olympics as early as 1992. Some of them have won Olympics medals.

Then I wanted one of Evan, so here it is .... :-)

The reason Evan wasn't at the Salt Lake City stop is because he was among the top 3 finalists in the show Dancing with the Stars that he got invited to before the Olympics, I believe. I've never seen Dancing with the Stars before, so when I heard Evan was going to be on it, I wanted to watch it, and it definitely was exciting to watch, especially the last few weeks! Over the last couple months, he was in California for Dancing with the Stars Sundays-Tuesdays and then toured with Stars on Ice Wednesdays-Saturdays. So I was sure he was going to be in Salt Lake, but the top 3 finalists had to be in New York Wednesday morning (after the winner was announced Tuesday night) for interviews on Good Morning America and Regis & Kelly. I guess if he wasn't one of the 3 finalists, he would have been in Salt Lake, but I'm happy he made it as far as he did. I was rooting for him and I voted for him and he ended up 2nd. Jeff and I really like him because of the attitude and class he has. After the winners were announced, Evan said, "They deserved it, they worked so hard and inspired all the other couples in the competition." The Russian skater who came in 2nd behind Evan at the Olympics should learn from him. :-) So if Evan is in Stars on Ice next year, we're definitely going again, hopefully front row seats again!

Here are a few pictures I got online of Evan and of Evan and his professional dance partner Anna Trebunskaya ....

A couple cute pictures of Evan & Anna ....

A picture of them dancing one of their dances ....

I have 3 favorite dances of theirs that were posted on YouTube. I will even rate them .... :-) Enjoy!

3. Viennese Waltz - the 'redemption' dance during the last week

2. Argentine Tango - the first perfect score of the season :-)

1. Paso Doble

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4.0 GPA

I checked online and my grades for this past semester are posted... all A's and 4.0 GPA! :-) I am very happy about that. I never knew I was that smart! I didn't apply myself like I should have in high school and in college when I got my associate's... I think my college GPA from before was around 3.2 something. So I'm starting my second round of college well. :-)

In jewelry news, there's this blog that somehow found my blog. That blog is called Blog Giveaways. Suddenly I was getting all these entries for my giveaway from people I didn't know and I looked on my feed of where people were coming from and a lot of them were coming from that website, so I went there and I was among several blog websites having giveaways (I'm among the several on their first post on May 4). I have no idea how they found my site, but I'm glad they did. I like lots of entries! :-) I'm excited for my first giveaway to end and find out who won. I will use the "True Random Number Generator" on the main page of RANDOM.ORG, which my sister Melissa told me about. Whatever number comes up out of however many numbers of entries I receive, that will be the winner.

I got off work a little earlier than usual today to go with my mother-in-law up to Salt Lake City to a display store, which has different things to display stuff... I think there are things to display other things besides jewelry. I was looking forward to this little trip this week and I'm excited with what I got, which is all very nice-looking and will display my jewelry very nicely! I got a bracelet stand (with 3 levels to put my bracelets on), an earring rack that you can turn, a tray to lay all my pendants in, and 3 little stands to display a few of my necklaces. I also got a few other little things.

In other news, I am super excited to go to Stars on Ice in Salt Lake this month on the 26th. I decided to pay good money for our tickets, so we should have pretty good seats. :-) So I've been on a little bit of a happy high with some good things happening. Now if only I can get more sleep so I'm not so tired ....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Giveaway for My Jewelry

I am going to start doing giveaways for my jewelry for at least a few months to see if I can get more people to look at my jewelry website and buy from me. The link is on the right. Feel free to enter and let your family/friends know so they can enter as well! I changed a setting for that website that allows anyone to post a comment. Who doesn't like getting something for free? :-) We'll see how these giveaways do, but if they aren't working very well after a few months, I will probably stop doing them.