Friday, May 15, 2009

Craziest Busiest Work Week EVER!

I am SOOOOO glad this work week is over!!! I got hit with about 3 or 4 projects that my team needed to get done and QC'ed by the end of this week. I must say I have never had a busier week than this past week. I even put in some overtime, working 9 hours each on Monday and Tuesday, 10 hours on Wednesday, and 11 1/4 hours on Thursday. This morning was finishing the last little bit up and catching up on other QC of other projects that we're still working on. I still got to leave early (before noon) today, but got 5 1/2 hours overtime for the week. It has been one crazy week and I will sleep SOOOOO good tonight (I hope)! Sorry for not posting as much... not a whole lot going on, but we're doing well!