Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Year Ago

Last year at this time, we were on our cruise. A year ago today was our last full day on the ship. You can go to my posts from early last year to see pictures if you haven't seen any, or you can go to my Facebook profile and see pictures there. It was sad when that vacation came to an end. That cruise was my favorite vacation ever and look forward to when we can go on another one (although not sure when that will be, but we definitely will go on another one).

Anyway, I started catching a cold on Thursday, felt pretty sick Friday evening, felt better yesterday, but I'm pretty sick today. I'm hoping with all the liquids (mostly orange juice) I'm drinking and soup that I'll have a little later today, that I'll feel well enough tomorrow to go to work and then I have my first math test tomorrow evening. Being sick is no fun!

Being sick also made me not do one of my New Year's resolutions last week. I didn't have the energy Saturday morning to exercise, so I didn't get my 3 times in for the week. But I think I can make an exception if I'm sick. I'm thinking I'll drop that resolution, though... some weeks it's hard to get in 3 times of exercising, especially if I'm too busy and I need the sleep. I'm definitely keeping the resolution of sleeping at least 7 hours a night for at least 5 times a week. We'll see what happens, though. I still have several other resolutions I'm still doing well with.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need a Day Off

And that's exactly what I had today... a day off. Since today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day (or Human Rights Day as it says in my math schedule we got in class), I don't have class tonight. I was just going to go to work and then come home and work on my memo I have to write for my Business Communications class. But over the weekend, my back has been bothering me, so I decided to take the day off work, too. I worked on my memo and am now relieved that I have all my reading and homework done for Business Communications. Since we only meet once a week, we get quite a bit of reading and homework. I really needed the day off today. Day off's are nice! :-)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So Far So Good

All of my New Year's resolutions are still going good and it's over a week into the new year! I am slowly feeling better (physically and spiritually) by cutting out on sweets and desserts, getting more sleep, exercising more, and reading my scriptures every day (and I will be going to the temple next Saturday).

School is going good so far, I guess. I've only been to 2 out of my 3 classes. My math class won't be too bad, but my lecture series class will be a little harder than I thought. Attendance is half our grade so I need to be to every class. We listen to different speakers (recorded on DVD) about different business issues and we have to write 2 "journals" (one turned in at mid-term time and the other turned in at final time) and also have to write another paper, too. Hopefully it's not so bad. I'm just not good at writing papers. The good thing about that class is that as a class, we were given a choice of going to class every Friday for 50 minutes or every other Friday for twice as long and most of the class chose every other Friday. That will free up half of my Fridays. :-) I probably won't usually have a class on Fridays, but there were only 2 or 3 of these classes and this was the best time to fit around my work schedule. My first Business Communications class is on Tuesday, so we'll see how that class goes (the one I'm most worried about).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Is It!

Yep! Tomorrow is my first day of classes! Yikes! I think the closer it gets, the more nervous I get. But I think I'll be okay and I'm still a little excited. Tomorrow evening is my Introductory Algebra class. I took a math placement test (back in October, I think) and was barely into the range to take Intermediate Algebra (after staying up late the night before having my hubby help me with a few algebra concepts). I felt I needed more of a refresher so I'm taking the class just below, and this summer I will take Intermediate Algebra. The class that will worry me the most is Business Communications. I read that I'll have to do a research paper. I really hate those! Hopefully I'll do okay in that class. The other class is a Executive Lecture Series class (taking it for my degree), which is a 1-credit hour class and we listen to different speakers, I think. Should be interesting.

Well, I best be getting to bed to keep one of my New Year's resolutions (after I read my scriptures... another resolution of mine).

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Wow, 2010 already?!?!? Where does the time go? 10 years ago when it turned 2000, I was on my mission in Nevada and was in Minden and Gardnerville (about half an hour or so south of Carson City). I have made several New Year's resolutions, which I made easily attainable, and I'm hoping to stick to them all this year. I suppose I will list them now below ....

1. Go to the temple at least once a month.

2. Go to church every Sunday unless I'm deathly ill. This past year, especially lately, I would stay home if I was just feeling a little bit icky. And last Sunday I stayed home because I was extremely sore from playing the Wii and I could hardly move, but maybe I could have gone and just move slowly.

3. Read scriptures every single day. I haven't done very well in that department.

4. Exercise with my Turbo Jam videos 3 times a week. Any exercise I get from Wii will be extra. :-)

5. Get at least 7 hours of sleep at least 5 times a week (I say 5 times because there might be a couple nights I might have to stay up a little later doing homework or something).

6. No eating candy or desserts, but I can eat a little every 5 lbs. I lose (and no, I'm not gonna say how much I have to lose, but I do have a target weight I want to get to and hoping to get to that by the end of the year).

7. No buying unhealthy snacks at work.

8. Eat out only once a month... but can be more if we go with family (need to save money in that department!).

Well, those are my resolutions and so far I'm keeping all of them! It was so hard not to have some pie after yesterday's dinner at my hubby's parents. But when I lose 5 lbs. I can have a little candy/dessert. And yes, we got ourselves a Wii the day after Christmas after we played John and Melissa's Wii on Christmas night. We played bowling, then I played some tennis at their place. The next evening after we got it, I played lots more tennis and the next couple days, I could hardly move. I was so sore!

Christmas was fun. Jeff made me breakfast and then we opened each other's presents. Then we went to open presents with his parents and sister, then to his grandparent's house for a little bit, then to my family's for the rest of the evening. We ate a big meal in the late afternoon, then opened presents (after I fell asleep).

New Year's Eve was fun as well. We had Jeff's parents and sister come over and they all played our Wii (they all thought it was fun) and then a board game called Imaginiff that Ryan and Rebecca gave us.

I am also sad this month. Christmas and New Year's is over and there's nothing fun to look forward to. Last year at this time, we were getting excited to go on our cruise (the ship departed Jan. 18). We very much want to go on another one.