Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Post on This Blog

Happy New Year 2013!  I think I have decided to end this blog.  I haven't kept up very well with it and probably not very many people read it anyway.  The next 2 years will be spent with me working fulltime and working on cleaning and organizing our whole house and Jeff working part-time and going to school fulltime.  He'll be done with school December 2014 (so less than 2 more years!).  Maybe when we start having kids (whether it be our own or through adoption), I'll start a new blog.  I still enjoy looking at other blogs every now and then, though!  I hope everyone's new year treats everyone well!


GlowWorm said...

Good luck with everything!

<3 Rebecca

Rebecca Adams said...

I read your blog when you update it. :) Are you going to make a Blurb book out of it before you delete it? (blurb.com) That way you can have all your posts in a book so you can remember them.

Tawnie said...

Let us know if you start up again.
Good luck with work, with cleaning and organizing, and especially with children. I pray you will be blessed.
With love, Tawnie

Anonymous said...
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